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Rapid Precision Engineering has ensured that the highest capacity levels are always adhered too, guaranteeing that small, medium and large volumes of components can be produced to the highest standards.

Forefront in CNC Technology…

Investment into the latest CNC manufacturing and conventional equipment has enabled Rapid to supply customers with competitive prices whilst maintaining exact specifications and quality.

Rapid Precision Engineering… a One Stop Shop

Ensuring that only the highest caliber of components leave the inspection area, Rapid also has the ability to billet materials via an automatic Bandsaw unit. Performing a variety of assembly operations upon request, the following areas are capable of being covered:

• Turning – both CNC and Conventional

• Milling – both CNC and Conventional

• Grinding – Cylindrical – Surface – Centerless

• Power Press – 50, 70 and 100 ton

• Drilling – both CNC and Conventional

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CNC Turning

Rapid Precision Engineering operates with a variety of advanced CNC Turning Machines to produce high quality components for every client’s requirement.

Implementing the latest cutting tools and CAD/CAM software, Rapid can manufacture an array of components ranging from the simplest nuts and bolts, to complex aviation equipment and parts. In addition, customer drawings can be imported via DXF files, allowing expert accuracy and control.

Each machine is fitted and equipped with the latest FANUC Control Systems, one of the leading suppliers of CNC Software controls. Rapid’s CNC Turning section consists of the following equipment:

• Daewoo Puma 230 C Axis & 1.5 meter Bar Feed Live Tooling
• Daewoo Puma 240 C Axis 8” Chuck Live Tooling
• Daewoo Puma 230 C Axis 8” Chuck Live Tooling
• Daewoo Puma 2000LY C Axis, Y Axis, 1 metre Turn Bar Feed
• Star SR20 20mm Capacity Bar Feed
• Star VNC20 20mm Capacity Bar Feed
• Star JNC 16mm Capacity Bar Feed

CNC Milling

To sustain an expert service to every customer, Rapid Precision Engineering has continually invested in state of the art fleet of CNC Machine Centres.

With specialist knowledge and experience in the production of plastic, aluminium and stainless steel materials, Rapid has the capacity to machine up to 500mm long components.

Via incorporating specialist procedures, Rapid are able to match and excel customer expectations. From the initial drawings provided, a holistic program utilises the skills of the machine operators resulting in quality finishes.

Each machine is sustainably equipped, all of which have a 4th Axis capability, extending the output capacity. The CNC Milling plant consists of the following machinery:

• Hardinge VMC 800 with 4th Axis
• Hardinge VMC 600 with 4th Axis
• Yang VMC 600 with 4th Axis Interface

Manual Turning and Drilling

At Rapid Precision Engineering, there has been a continual and maintained approach to the presence of conventional machining within the company. With investment into conventional engineering tools and equipment, Rapid has ensured that the traditional background of engineering has stayed with the company.

Rapid believes that each conventional machine builds upon the company’s philosophy of providing excellent customer service. The following machinery is at the company’s disposal:

• Bridgeport Turret Mill
• Parkson MI200 Milling Machine
• Colchester Mascot Lathe
• Ward Capstan Lathe x2
• J&S Cylindrical Grinder
• J&S Surface Grinder
• Wickman Centerless Grinder
• Pollard Pillar Drills (4 Gang) x 2
• Addison 10” Automatic Band Saw

In addition, there are various Off Hand Grinders present within the plant.

Power Press

As one of the few remaining plants in the UK with press facilities, Rapid can provide clients with expertly crafted components of varying size and complexity

With the ability to acquire tooling specifically made to customer requirements, Rapid are perfectly placed to press any quantities of batch to meet demand.

To compliment the press facilities, Rapid operate with a high caliber Rotary Vibro de-burring machine. Increasing the capability of improved surface finishes and leaving excellent de-burring properties, Rapid are expertly placed to deal with an array of customer requests.

The Power Press section consists of the following machinery:

• HME 100 Ton 5” Max Stroke
• HME 70 Ton 41/16 Max Stroke
• HME 40 Ton 41/32 Max Stroke

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